Concepts to consider for transporting cement in container liners: Bulk-Flow’s Solution

Cement density and payload in 20 DV?

Can transporting cement in container liners door to door compete with chartering holds on bulk vessels and transferring the cargo at the port of destination to dumper trucks or truck cisterns?

Cement transport due to its high density can be ideally optimized in a standard 20’ dv container and unloaded at the final destination without transferring the cargo.

Calculate loading 80% of the total cubic meters of the container:

20’DV (33.20m3) = 20’DV (26,56m3)

PORTLAND CEMENT: as there are different types of Portland Cement let us calculate a density of an average of 1.154 gr/m3.

Let us exercise the following calculations:

Portland cement: density of 1.154 g/m3

  • Loading a 20’DV 1.154 g/m3 x 26.56 m3 = 30.627 kgs

The total payload of 30.627 kgs. exceeds legal weight regulations and restrictions but offers an idea of how Portland Cement can be optimized in 20’ dv.

Portland Cement: Angle of repose and flowability

The trials conducted with cement transport in Bulk-Flow’s Research and Development Center in Spain have arrived at the following conclusions.

The cohesive nature of Portland Cement and the high angle of repose 90º makes unloading processes very complicated and therefore demanding special equipment that is expensive and not very flexible.

Traditional unloading gravity-tilting equipment is very complicated as the cement may cave and cake.

Portland Cement highly cohesive and very hygroscopic

Once gravity-tilting equipment has been discarded; Bulk-Flow has developed the Tiltless Liner with a Mechanical Horizontal Unloading Bulk System so that unloading the bulk-solid will always be under the complete control of the unloading team.

Products such as cement which are very complicated to transport and unload due to their characteristics can be easily loaded and unloaded in a very controlled, safe and professional manner.

The transfer of bulk-solids from one mode of transport to another, makes the whole cement transport process uncontrollable. Portland cement is very vulnerable to humidity and external agents that may be present in ship holds and dumper trucks, therefore the quality of the transport and the responsibility of the different operators is difficult to control.

The Tiltless Liner

Bulk-Flow has designed and developed the Tiltless Liner as the solution for container bulk transport of Portland Cement and other very cohesive bulk-solids which are extremely difficult to unload with gravity-tilting equipment.

The Tiltless Liner with its Mechanical Horizontal Unloading Bulk System controls the unloading process with no need for dangerous titlting equipment.

The Tiltless Unloading Process is electronically controlled therefore the unloading can be dosified to meet the clients needs.


Tilting is not required

Mechanical control over the whole process

No gravity tilting equipment needed


Gravity is no longer the solution for unloading bulk-solids, but a more professional approach has been designed by Bulk-Flow.

The importer will be able to program electronically the mechanical unloading process, with no need of tilting equipment.

Humidity and condensation

Multilayered polyethylene liner containers designed and developed to protect bulk-solids from humidity. Close the container doors and put the seal on and know that your product will be protected from external agents all the way to your client.

Bulkhead detail

Multi-layered LDPE

One-piece extrusion technology

Cement transport in containers is a very professional logistics alternative to chartered vessels and big bags.

Logistics control from start to finish

In international trade standard containers are the most economical and professional form of transport.

The shipper will know at all times where his merchandise is and as the Cement will not be handled by transferred from different modes of transport by third party operators the quality of the transport will be assured.

Screw Conveyor

The final leg of the transport by local shunting or port rail transport to the logistics hub will also be done inside the container, maintaining the Cement in its protective environment.

Unloading horizontally with a mechanical unloading system: Tiltless Liner will standardize the process in a professional manner.

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